2014 Youth Mini-Grants Announced!

Youth Mini Grants

Please join us in congratulating the following youth and their sponsor organizations on receiving a 2014 Youth Mini-Grant!

Our Youth Leadership Board has chosen seven projects that address a range of issues: peace promotion, drug prevention, youth employment, and improved health. The primary goal of these projects is to impact the future for East Oakland in a positive way.

The grantees are:

  • Brothers on the Rise, Cold Wheels Project – $1000: For this project, youth participants will make a wrecked car driveable again. Open to both male and female participants, Cold Wheels hopes to inspire more gender diversity among the aspiring mechanics. Additionally, youth leaders think Cold Wheels will help kids stay off the streets during the summer months and will help build community. 
  • East Oakland Youth Development Center, Summer Cultural Enrichment Program – $2000: This program has been in operations for 18 years, offering classes in their summer program like science, cooking, drama, health and wellness, dance, computers, math, creative writing, music, and much more. The organization’s mission is to develop the social and leadership capacities of the youth in East Oakland so that they can strive for excellence in their education, careers and service to their communities. This mini grant will allow them to continue their successful work in the East Oakland community.
  • City of Oakland Parks and Recreation, Sustainable Healthy Foods Project – $1650: This project’s goal is to build a greenhouse at the Digital Arts and Culinary Academy to help youth excel and create a better life and community for themselves and others.
  • Higher Ground Neighborhood Development Corporation, Share the Torch Project – $2000: The project will engage generations of women – teens to 40’s – in a month-long series of conversations focused on women’s safety. The program will help young women learn to make healthier decisions regarding their personal lives and relationships, and will also introduce them to a meaningful support systems. The first event will be a book club for young women.
  • HOPE Collaborative, East Oakland Youth Garden Project – $2000: In collaborations with E.C. Reems Academy, the young people working on this project will revitalize the school’s existing garden in order to provide healthier food options for students.
  • Youth UpRising, Yoga with BE Project – $2000: This project will support a free weekly yoga class that will take place in the dance studio at Youth UpRising in East Oakland. Youth will learn what yoga is, how yoga is practiced and how they can sustain a healthy yoga practice. This class is aimed towards creating a safe and inviting place for participants, helping them apply the practices of yoga in their day to day lives. 

 All youth mini-grant projects will be complete by September 1. Stay tuned for more details on how they turn out.

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