East Oakland BHC’s Summer Interns: Hear About their Experience!

This summer, East Oakland BHC staff and community partners spent 10-weeks working with two Oakland natives, Stephanie Palma-Morales and Frania Martinez through Health Career Connections' (HCC) internship program. From door knocking for The Sugar Freedom Project to increasing our social media... Read more »


From UC Berkeley Back to Her East Oakland Home

By Frania Martinez, East Oakland BHC Intern I am an ordinary person who grew up in East Oakland, attended Castlemont High School, went off to college and graduated. Yet many perceive my story as amazing and some even as a miracle. The reason may be that I am one of the many youth of color in... Read more »


African Liberation Day 2017 in East Oakland!

I knew East Oakland was a unique place to hold African Liberation Day (ALD) because of its history of activism, legacy of the Black Panthers and the depth and wealth of cultural-arts.   However, I did not know how much the Elmhurst neighborhood would embrace ALD. The Black and Brown... Read more »


The Bay Area: This Beautiful Land, My Home

Lately I have been hearing lots of negative comments about The Bay - all from folks who don’t have deep roots here. Sweeping generalizations. Rising costs, ridiculous rents and negative personality traits shared by all of us. I listen and remind/inform them that The Bay culture has changed... Read more »


Prop 47 Training Presents Opportunities for Reduced Penalties

This month, East Oakland Building Healthy Communities, in partnership with Californians for Safety and Justice offered a free Prop 47 training. This new California legislation reclassifies certain felony offenses to misdemeanors and has the opportunity to benefit over 10,000 individuals and their... Read more »

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Recapping Neighbor Day At Rainbow Rec Center in East Oakland

On Saturday, August 1st, I went to Neighbor Day at the Rainbow Recreation Center. The block party featured local artists displaying their crafts, nonprofits doing great work, local musicians, and delicious fried chicken. Over 150 community members from East Oakland were there. I met people... Read more »

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Urban Gardening: It’s Not That Hard Y’all!

With the high prices of fresh fruits and vegetables at the local farmers' market or grocery store, having access to quality food can be hard. Folks living in areas of East Oakland have an even harder time buying and accessing good veggies and fruits because there are no grocery stores. Several... Read more »

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2015 Mini Grants are Announced!

Congrats to the recipients of this year's Youth Mini Grants! Each summer, our Youth Leadership Board awards grants of up to $2,000 to youth-led projects sponsored by East Oakland schools, churches and nonprofits. The 2015 grantees and projects are: Alternatives in Action - Fremont First Mentors... Read more »

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Oakland Residents Speak Truth to Mayor Schaaf

“We are an oak tree with deep roots, we do not move with the breeze even when the earth quakes; we still stand strong with battle scars,” said James, a 14-year-old East Oakland resident leader to Mayor Libby Schaaf. On May 19th in the old Eastmont Mall, resident leaders met with Mayor Libby... Read more »

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Hello, Nice to Meet You

Hello, my name is Sergio R. Martinez and I just joined East Oakland Building Healthy Communities. I have been living in Oakland, specifically East Oakland, since 1974. As a matter of fact, I was born at Highland Hospital. My parents and I, briefly lived across the street from Fremont High School on... Read more »

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Erick, Tortas and East Oakland

Hey y'all! I am very excited to announce that I will be one of the bloggers writing about East Oakland and wanted to tell you a little about myself. I'm originally from Chihuahua (yes, like the dog), Mexico, and after growing up in the southwestern desert, I made my way over to the much greener... Read more »

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We Will Not Be Moved: Tenant Organizing for the Right to the City

Original post appeared on Medium.com.  Gentrification has created a housing crisis for urban, working class, tenants of color that is compounding historic racial and economic fissures. Working class urban dwellers are in crisis. Rising evictions, an aging housing stock that is unsafe and in many... Read more »

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#RIPJacka: Oakland at a Crossroads

Our Progressive Movement here in the Bay Area is made up of some of the most courageous and compassionate people I have ever met.  And even yet, I believe that we are struggling to fully comprehend the depth of what's happening right now in the Oakland Streets. The tragic shooting of the Jacka, a... Read more »

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Healing the Healers Kicks Off with Launch Ceremony

The comforting smell of burning copal and sage filled every inch of a 6th floor office space as the soft sounds of West African drumming resonated throughout the room. These elements created a spiritual mood upon which an afternoon of learning, reflection, and healing would be built. A group of... Read more »

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A Few Words on Ferguson, Cleveland + NY (A Letter from Our Leadership)

The recent events in Ferguson, Cleveland and New York – the heartbreaking loss of Michael Brown, Eric Garner, and Tamir Rice, three unarmed black males (two of whom were children, Rice just 12 years old), at the hands of police officers and the strong displays of public outrage that have followed... Read more »

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Residents Take the Lead to Produce A Mayoral Forum of Their Own

East Oakland residents and mayoral candidates recently came together at the Oakland Speaks for Healthy Development Policy Makers Forum to talk about how to ensure all of Oakland is thriving. Planning for the evening began in July 2014 when we convened a group of 30 resident leaders for discussions... Read more »

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East Oaklanders #GetEnrolled at Home

In March 2014, as the initial Obamacare enrollment deadline approached, we worked with Causa Justa::Just Cause and Alameda County Public Health Nursing to launch a door-to-door enrollment campaign in East Oakland. The unique partnership was a project of our Health Access Work Group, a... Read more »

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Oakland Voices Kicks Off for 2014

We're excited to share the news that Oakland Voices is back and in full swing. And, we're proud to say that one of our own Youth Leadership Board members, Sandra Muniz, is participating as one of the correspondents!  The program kicked off over the summer and will wrap up in the spring. Check... Read more »

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2014 Youth Mini-Grants Announced!

Please join us in congratulating the following youth and their sponsor organizations on receiving a 2014 Youth Mini-Grant! Our Youth Leadership Board has chosen seven projects that address a range of issues: peace promotion, drug prevention, youth employment, and improved health. The primary goal... Read more »

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The Numbers Behind Lift Up Oakland

A few weeks ago, our partners at Lift Up Oakland held a research briefing that was open to city staff, the media and the public. They presented research by UC Berkeley in support of their ballot initiative for raising the Oakland minimum wage from $8.00 to $12.25 with paid sick days. According to... Read more »

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