Prop 47 Training Presents Opportunities for Reduced Penalties

This month, East Oakland Building Healthy Communities, in partnership with Californians for Safety and Justice offered a free Prop 47 training. This new California legislation reclassifies certain felony offenses to misdemeanors and has the opportunity to benefit over 10,000 individuals and their families in Alameda county. Hillary Blout with Californians for Safety and Justice presented critical information regarding Prop 47 to over 75 participants at the training. Brandon Sturdivant from Oakland Community Organizations and John Jones from Ella Baker Center spoke on the importance of community outreach and engagement during this time to truly reach the thousands of people who can find relief through this amazing opportunity. The presentation included information on what offenses are eligible for reclassification, how to get the process started, who can help individuals seeking to get reclassified, and answers to important questions from participants.   Over 50 of the participants filled out commitment cards, pledging to expand the network of information about Prop 47 through a variety of avenues, including hosting a training at their organization, volunteering for outreach, or being a spokesperson on Prop 47.   For more information on opportunities for reduced penalties under Prop 47, click here to view the full presentation.... Read more »

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Recapping Neighbor Day At Rainbow Rec Center in East Oakland

On Saturday, August 1st, I went to Neighbor Day at the Rainbow Recreation Center. The block party featured local artists displaying their crafts, nonprofits doing great work, local musicians, and delicious fried chicken. Over 150 community members from East Oakland were there. I met people like Saul Daniel Silva who described himself as “Oakland-raised with Mexican roots.” Saul is an artist, entrepreneur, and organizer in East Oakland. He showed me some original Oakland t-shirts with the emblematic Oakland tree logo made of Mexican motifs like Nopales (cacti) and Aztec symbols. He also talked to me about several community-changing activities he’s involved in, like the production of a documentary with local hip-hop artist Young Chop that seeks to show a different, more positive side of Oakland.... Read more »

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Request for Proposals – Learning & Evaluation Consultant

East Oakland Building Healthy Communities (BHC) seeks a highly skilled and experienced consultant(s) to develop a comprehensive, innovative evaluation and learning plan.  About East Oakland Building Healthy Communities East Oakland Building Healthy Communities brings together residents, community-based organizations, businesses, health care providers, and government agencies to work towards improved community and individual health. The ultimate goal: a thriving East Oakland. We are hosted by the Alameda County Public Health Department, funded by The California Endowment and fiscally sponsored by Community Initiatives. East Oakland BHC is one of 14 sites selected by The California Endowment (TCE) to participate in the statewide Building Healthy Communities initiative, a 10-year comprehensive community initiative that is creating a revolution in the way Californians think about and support health in their communities.... Read more »

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A Few Last Words: Mayoral Candidates Submit Responses to Audience Questions

After time ran short at last week’s Oakland Speaks for Healthy Development Policy Makers Forum, we invited participating mayoral candidates to submit responses to audience questions via email. As we receive responses, we’ll post them here. Saied Karamooz’s Responses Jean Quan’s Responses... Read more »

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Alameda County Public Health Department

Alameda County Public Health Department... Read more »

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